Why is STARSCAPES The Best Money Making Opportunity in the Universe?

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Why is STARSCAPES The Best Money Making Opportunity in the Universe?

Post by l0ve0fevi on Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:39 pm

When you order your StarBiz, you can turn everyone's bedroom ceiling into their very own stargazing panorama. Bringing back the stars for all.

And once they know that you have it available for them, they'll "rip their underwear" trying to get the money out of their pocket to give to you!

You'll walk into their room, with your StarBiz equipment bag, and after about an hour or two of having fun, you'll call them back in. Ask them to lie down and cover their eyes, for a moment, as you begin to play the CD we give you (soft, ethereal music to set the mood).

What will they see, when you turn the lights out? They won't see their ceiling anymore, because it's "gone"! Above them in the sky will be thousands of twinkling stars, and constellations! Of course, it's astronomically correct, so they'll even see the Milky Way galaxy and shooting stars! Listen to them gasp! (All of them will do it.) This is one time in their life, that they're actually happy giving someone a check! Then, because they called all of their friends over for the unveiling, guess who's going to be your next customers?

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